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New Zealand & Australia
License Translation

(and translation service for any type of document)

If you are planning on driving in NZ or Australia, you need to have your driver's license translated to English

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Fast and easy 

Simply upload your driver's license photos (front and back) and make your payment. We will send your translation in a PDF file.

*All languages supported*

*Car Rental approved*

*AA approved*

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1. Fill in your details  2. Upload the photos of your licence  3. Pay

Upload Driver's Licence 1

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Upload Driver's Licence 2 

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Thank you for your order!  Please contact us if you have any questions!

* We offer the 1-hour service outside of these hours too; simply call or WhatsApp us to check availability.

** We can provide the translation of the 3 licences sooner if you need them faster than 24 hours; simply call or WhatsApp us to check availability. 

*** We provide two separate translations: One with the NZTA certification so you can legally drive in New Zealand, and the other one with the NAATI certification so you can legally drive in Australia. Both licences are typically ready in 2-3 working days. If you urgently need the NZ translation, we can provide it to you at no additional cost (just let us know!). 

°° URGENT MIDNIGHT: All translations placed between 6:00pm the night before and 5:00am will be delivered at 6:00am. For example, you place a MIDNIGHT ORDER on Saturday at 10:30pm, your translation will be ready on Sunday at 6:00 am. If you need it more urgently, simply call or WhatsApp us to check availability. 

*All payments are processed in NZD. You can also view the price in your own currency by clicking on the button below: